Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, known for coming under fire for a twitter sexting scandal in 2011 is considering a mayoral run this year. Expected to face openly gay politician Christine Quinn, the war of words has already begun. “Wiener just leaves a bad taste in my mouth,” Quinn said in a press conference late this evening. She continued to say that following Weiner’s infamous sexting scandal only two years ago, a mayoral campaign would be a “ballsy and even cocky move.”   Quinn is not alone, a recent Gallup poll finds nearly 100 percent of lesbian voters disinterested in Wiener. Although this data is hardly surprising, Weiner will have to gain support in this demographic in order to avoid getting the shaft in the 2013 elections.    Senator in hot water after slander of handsome NK leader A top US Congressman yesterday expressed concerns regarding the “stability” of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, sparking controversy throughout the international community. “My comments were out of line,” the congressman said in a press conference this morning. “I meant no disrespect.”  The comments were considered particularly inappropriate following yesterday’s charitable actions by the North Korean dignitary. North Korean television reported his heroic deeds, showing him dropkicking a dragon that had been devastating at least two small North Korean cities; saving a horde of thankful and beautiful women, all of whom had been hanging off cliffs; and rolling in a large pile of money while thankful children looked on.  “Unstable?” said President Obama in a press conference to alleviate the international embarrassment. “From what I’ve been reading in North Korean newspapers, Kim Jong is as stable and good-looking as it gets.” At press time, the North Korean leader was announcing the release of a “real life video game” which would feature worldwide nuclear assault. Pope to usher in new age of judgement, piety and hypocrisy.

Clay and iron piping was formerly used for sewer lines back in the day, and while this may sound durable, it breaks down over the years. Therefore, these days, plastic PVC piping is normal for sewers. Costly Mistake When you have a clogged drain, don’t simply just go for the over-the-counter formulas for unclogging drains right away. You may think this fix is easy and cheap, but it could cost you. These products contain chemicals that are harsh for your plumbing pipes, and this can turn into a repair situation. Enzymes are used by the professionals, not the harsh chemicals, and the treatments offered by the plumbers are also cost efficient and the best solutions. Diagnosis It is necessary for a plumber to check out your sewer system for a proper diagnosis of the problem. A professional can use video inspection throughout your sewer line to find the clog or leak. Subsequently, the best and Commercial Plumbing Close By most appropriate solution will be used, and your sewer line will be functioning properly and back to normal once again. Diagnosing and Repairing Leaky Sewer Gas Issues in the Home When a nasty smell presents itself through your plumbing, you’ve got a problem.

Just bought a small walk-in tub for my wife but when filling it the water starts running cold before the water level completed filling the last six inches. Continue reading "Output of 40 gal., electric hybrid " Hi Zeljko! I live in Southern Sweden, so we do have quite long winters and dark days, especially Dec - Jan. I had terrible problems getting the solar How to get hot water fast when it takes too long to deliver to shower How to get hot water fast. An easy to use guide to solve the problem when it takes too long to get hot water to the kitchen, shower or sink. Continue reading "How to get hot water fast when it takes too long to deliver to shower" How to Extend the Life of a Water Heater | Fixing Hard Water Problem How to extend the life of a water heater affected by hard water. Can the water softener be used? Would tank flushing solve the problem? Continue reading "How to Extend the Life of a Water Heater | Fixing Hard Water Problem" How to Fix a Smelly Water Heater | Easy Troubleshooting Guide How to fix a smelly water heater in a simple way! What is the cause, can it be home office fixed or even prevented?

Your utilities account for so much of your household and will give you the opportunity to keep your home working for you. You will also notice that your utility bills will be less expensive because you are making better use of your water and HVAC service at the same time. Quality plumbing work will allow you to be more judicious with how your water is spent over the long haul. Why should I hire your professional services? You could always handle some plumbing work on your own, but there is no substitute for getting the help of a professional. These professionals will allow you to continuously keep this plumbing work up to par for as long as you need it. You will prevent wear and tear on your plumbing that is completely avoidable whenever you leave that work to professionals. We will be more than happy to help you out in this regard. How can I hire you for the help that you need?

How to Use Local SEO to Boost Search Ranking February 16th, 2018 by gtowsley Leave a reply » Plumbing marketing is competitive, you have a lot of competition out there competing for the same leads. One way to stand out and boost search ranking is with local SEO. Using locally driven keywords that are specific to your area helps produce better search ranking in local search and help generate the right kind of traffic. Since most searches are performed looking for local results, it is important to be visible to this audience. Here is how to boost search ranking using local SEO. First and foremost, you need to identify who you are marketing to. Who is your target audience? Hopefully you already have some ideas, but consulting your analytics is a great way to see who is actually paying attention and what sources Image Credit: Fluent, theyare coming from. Is your traffic being referred to you? Or are you getting direct traffic?

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